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Thank you for visiting my little home on the internet.  My name is Helen and I am the very proud mother of two amazing girls, Charlotte and Sophie. Charlotte is now at school and Sophie is at nursery.


After finishing maternity leave, rather than returning to my HR Consultancy, I wanted to find something that still allows me to work from home that fits in around the girls and so White Beech Boutique was born.

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White Beech Boutique started when I realised how much stuff the girls had, and the inevitable waste associated! I am forever decluttering our house and finally after selling some bits online and locally I decided to live out a dream of my mothers, and open up a shop at home to continue selling my own bits as well as help out others, by selling theirs too! It has also evolved already in to a gift shop, selling the most beautiful, locally made items as well as some from small businesses. 

White Beech Boutique is a small, beautiful shop, based in one of our workshops at home. The boutique sells preloved children’s clothes (0-11 years), toys, and accessories and well anything children really! It also has many beautiful gifts made locally and small businesses. 


I am living out a dream of my mothers to have a shop at home selling preloved children's items and beautiful range of gifts.

I must also say that this was a dream that my mother had when she was my age. Someone locally to her had a shop at home selling preloved children’s items and she has always wished she had done the same, so she gave me a little guidance and a lot of persuasion, so…here we are!

All of the clothes in the shop are clean, in excellent condition and reasonably priced. We even have some ‘bargain buckets’ which are items that bar a small mark, bit of bobbling or fading are in great condition – items that are perfect for nursery and messy play! The ‘bargain buckets’ will be sold for donations and the money raised will be given to the local village nursery. 

I would love you to come and visit! The boutique is currently open by appointment only, give me a call or drop me an email to schedule a time to shop.

Hope to see you soon!